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Campaign Settings

Video Instruction- Campaign Settings:



Campaign name

You have already created your campaign name, but if you wish to change it, you can go to the Campaign Settings section and then Campaign Name to make all necessary changes.

Campaign URL

You can edit campaign URL by going to Campaign Settings and changing URL under the Campaign Slug section.


Campaign Status: Live/Draft

This is a very important feature in Campaign Settings. You will need to make sure your campaign is set as LIVE. If you don’t set the campaign as live, photos, video & GIFs will not be delivered to the user.


Setting up sharing messages:

To set up your Sharing Messages, first, go to Campaign Settings and scroll down to the Sharing methods section.
Here you select which social media channels users can share their photo, video or GIF.
Your choices include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sending by Mail & Downloading to your device.

Delete Campaign

To delete a campaign you must go to Campaign Settings, and then scroll down to the Delete button.
You won’t be able to delete a campaign if you have pictures in the gallery associated with this campaign. You must first delete all of the photos and then will be able to delete the campaign. click here to see how to delete gallery.




To save your settings scroll to the top, and on the right-side of your screen, you will see the SAVE button.
Please note, each action needs to be saved.



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Updated on June 19, 2018

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