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Creating Your First Event

So you already downloaded the Snappie app on your device and created your account in Snappie back end ( if you didn’t do it now click here).

Now you will be able to use the back-end to customize your campaign by:

– Adding overlays to photos, videos or gifs,
– Pre-fill all output social messages
– Design a look of gallery page and a photo landing pages
– Modify email and SMS which is being sent to guests & fans
– Prepare data capture forms to suit your requirements

If you are ready, go to Dashboard instruction video, click here to see how to do it and then follow further instructional videos on each section.

To set up your first event, it’s a good idea to have branded frame overlay ready and your logos prepared for upload, check this section for all instructions on how to do it.

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Updated on August 31, 2017

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