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Remove watermarks

Purchase licence

1. Create new account by visiting  http://snappie.co/prices-license
Create your personal account and trail free campaign.
If you wish to use Snappie app without waterparks you must purchase licence.
3. To purchase licence log in to https://shop.snapp.ie/shop.php
4. Pay for the licence via credit card
5. Licence was added to your account
6. Log in to Snappie backend to see your licence displaying in Your Account section

Remove watermarks

now you must Registry Device from which you will be using Snappie: 
1. Create your campaign and gallery for upcoming event
2. Create device key allocated to this campaign
3. Go to Your Account section
4. Select Device to Register
5. Assign Device
6. Now you can use Snappie without watermarks only with device assigned
Updated on October 2, 2017

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