Our Snappie platform shares photos, videos and GIFs on social media platforms:
Twitter, WhatsApp, Messanger. Additionally, we offer Instagram to upload and download content directly to your phone.

Snappie & Instaserv are Third Party Apps which can communicate with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and are allowed to post on users’ behalf, after user gives them an approval.

Displaying of #tags posted by users with a help of Snappie and Instaserv applications is limited on both Facebook and Twitter and shouldn’t be used to run competitions, choose winners or calculate number of shares.

This means that both platforms DO NOT display ALL hash-tagged posts or may vary in displaying it over time, in some cases posts can appear or re-appear…

The reason for both platforms limiting and not showing all results in search, is to eliminate possibility of flooding platform with spam #tags which a third party app could easily do.

Especially if same message is posted over and over again platforms are blocking it to prevent search from being flooded by spam…

Note – our pre-filled twitter messages posted have same text every time – it’s not being punished by the platform’s algorithm, it’s just not displayed in search result.

These #tags and posts are just going unindexed by search tool, meaning search may not be exhaustive and may not contain all shared posts.

Posts are still being visible by all user’s followers or friends, it’s just that they are not being shown in search results.

If Tweets or FB posts are not showing in search results – we can do nothing about it as this is being blocked on the social platforms side – we can only rely on analytics we get as a third party app.

We track engagement on facebook through app analytics we get access to as a third party application.

These give us info on how many images are being shared from within our platform and aggregate data on number of friends reached, number of likes and comments photos receive.

We track those for 14 days and at that point we stop updating the results.

An example of the report:

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Updated on January 16, 2019

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