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Snappie Back End Intro


Snappie web based back-end allows to fully customize the campaign feel and look in minutes, design photo landing pages, galleries, customise email and sms messages sent to users and prefill social messages appearing when users share their snaps.
It also allows to design data capture entry forms so even complex customer data can be captured. Besides powerful amplification characteristics, Snappie Application and backend allows brands to measure effectiveness of the campaign through back end analytics. Client can see the number of snaps being shared, impressions and engagement within social platforms (likes & comments).


1. Create your campaign through the back-end

– Create an account
– Log in to the Snappie CMS
– Customize mini gallery page

2. Add branded overlays & pre-filled messages

Choose your brand overlay for Snaps
Create your own custom back-case 
Choose your pre-filled messages for Facebook Twitter
Customize your email and SMS

3.Download Snappie App to your tablets

How to install the Snappie App 
Create your first account 

4. Capture snaps of fans & guests

– Snappie App Interface
– Promo Staff Guideline
– Taking a picture
– Collect Data & receive consent

5. Instant delivery & social media exposure

Email & SMS is sent instantly
Guest is directed to your Gallery
– Guests can share branded content on social media


Relevant topics:

Create your Snappie account 

Create new campaign 

Branded overlays 


Updated on June 19, 2018

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