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Taking Your First Snaps

Once you have created your first campaign and chosen your specific branding, you can access the Snappie App in order to capture photos. Simply open the App on your tablet and type in the Device Key respective to the event and gallery you want to upload the pictures to.

Internet connection is necessary for accessing the Snappie app and to ensure the branding & logos are loaded on to the app. There is no further connection required, once you have accessed the app.

Enter Device Keys

Start taking photos/videos/GIFs

Check Photo Quality or Retake

Collect Data Capture
Approve and upload video/photo/GIF

How it works after capturing a photo:

  • Press the button to “Collect Data” and fill out the data form that appears
  • Click “I agree to Terms & Conditions”
  • You can add more people if there is more than one guest in the photo
  • Click “Approve and upload”
  • Click on the Finish button (you can also take additional photos at this point)

Approve and upload video/photo/GIF

At the end of the event, click on the right top corner of the app to make sure that the number of photos uploaded equals the number of photos approved. If the numbers are equal, your data was sent successfully to the user. If the number of photos approved and uploaded is not the same, leave the application running with an Internet connection (3G or wifi) until the numbers are equal.

Please note:

You will need an Internet connection to access the Snappie app to load photo overlay. However, you are able to load your photo overlays in an internet zone (wifi/3G) and then enter emails or phone numbers without having an internet connection at the time of capture.

Create your first campaign 

Preparing your branded overlay 

Set up Device Keys 


Updated on February 18, 2020

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