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Troubleshooting- Uploading Images

Online & Upload Indicator

The top right corner ‘’manage ‘’ section of the app will communicate whether there is a stable internet connection. The section will be green if the app has internet, and red if you have no internet.  You will see the number of photos approved and uploaded.
At the end of the application, the numbers of photos approved needs to equal the numbers of photos uploaded. If these numbers are not equal, keep the application open for internet connection to send all images.

If there are congestion issues, you may see green in the section, but the application may start to crash. If this occurs, go to settings, switch on flight mode and then relaunch the application and start again (a red button will be in the top right corner). After the campaign is finished, it is important to go back into the app again and turn off flight mode. To ensure that flight mode has been turned off, the section should be green, and the number of photos approved should be equal to the number of photos uploaded. 

Please note that every tablet needs to use a different code during the activation. If you want to use two tablets that upload its pictures to the same gallery, you need to create two separate gallery codes (for the two devices.


Troubleshooting- Shooting Against The Light

When shooting in darker areas, against windows, etc, some images may become a bit blurred, over-exposed (too bright) or under-exposed (too dark). In order to make sure that the pictures have higher quality, promo staff needs to tap on the subject before taking a snap. This will help iPad camera to focus faster and adjust to the light around the subject.

Wrong Lighting:

Correct Lighting:


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Updated on October 23, 2017

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