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At the event, your promo staff will be taking branded snaps (Videos, Photos or GIF’s) of attendees, followed by collecting their data: name, surname, email, and phone number.

Imagine that the following snap is delivered to the consumer and see what they can do next:



1.  Photo, Video and GIF Delivered Instantly 

After a brand ambassador collects user data, an email and/or text message containing a link to their snap is sent to them INSTANTLY. They can read brand ”Thank you” message and share their snap to social media channels Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Delivery in approx 1-2 minutes, depending on the internet connection.

You can easily customise email and SMS by:

– Changing background colour
– Adding logos
– Modifying title & text
– Modifying sender name
– Adding your custom terms & conditions

Click here to see how to customise email in Snappie back end.


2. Single Photo Page 

After the user receives their snap by email and text message they can visit the link with a snap and then share it on social networks.

You can easily customise each aspect of single photo page in Snappie back end:

– Background colour or artwork
– Add logos
– Add text
– Select social media sharing methods: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Download or Email.
– Make your photo page private or public

Click here to see examples of different single gallery pages.



3. Share Photo on Facebook

If the user decides to share their branded content on FACEBOOK they will be generating organic exposure for the brand. You can easily pre-fill Facebook messages in Snappie back end, click here to see how.

FACEBOOK output 


4. Share Photo on Twitter

User can share branded content on TWITTER.
You can easily pre-fill Twitter messages in Snappie back end, click here to see how.

TWITTER output 


5. Instagram Upload

Guest can download INSTAGRAM snap directly to their devices and then upload to INSTAGRAM instantly.

Since Instagram doesn’t offer browser based API, which allows for direct posting to networks from mobile browsers, the following workaround is required:

– User chooses to share on Instagram
– High quality photo is downloaded to user’s device
– Snap is saved in camera roll
– User repost branded photo to Instagram


All snaps from event are being uploaded to a custom mini gallery site, this site can be public or private – you decide!

The best part is that you customise all aspects of the gallery:
– Change background colours
– Add logos
– Add title & description
– Make your gallery public or private
– Create your custom URL

Click here to create your first event.


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Updated on February 18, 2020

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