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About Snappie – How it Works

The Snappie App is a highly efficient event/photo marketing tool that supports brands, agencies and rights holders around the world in optimizing the impact of sponsorship activations.

It allows your promo staff to take fully customisable, branded pictures and videos of visitors at your event, which can easily be shared instantly by your guests on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to generate organic reach.

More so, the Snappie App gives clients the opportunity to collect relevant data such as an email address and phone number from their customers and engage with them long after
the event.

Snappie Application allows the sponsor or their agency to support their activations in several ways:

  1. Engage fans with photo opportunity
  2. Collect customer data much faster by removing friction (snap is sent by mail and SMS, thus fans have no problem with providing their details)
  3. Snaps captured are overlaid with branded frame and pre-filled messages when shared
  4. Branded snaps are shared on social media delivering earned / organic reach, converting a fan into a brand ambassador
  5. Fans can share from their own device (average shares 15-25%)

Snappie Introduction Video:


Snappie Process:

Updated on February 18, 2020

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