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Choosing Photo, Video or GIF

You can choose which activation you wish to run: photo, video or GIF by going to Gallery Settings and scrolling down to Event Kind section.

Event Kind: Photo, Video or GIF:

Under this section, you can decide if you want to set up your activation as Photo, Video or GIF. Depending on the user rights and purchase of the license, you will have rights to set up your activations. In some situations, you will need to contact your account manager to give you special rights to access Video or GIF.


Event kind: Photo

If you are running photo activation, these are the Gallery settings needed.

Event Kind: Video

If you run Video activation and you can’t switch between Photo & Video tabs please contact our customer service team.                                                                                           A member of our team will give you access rights to create your Video activation.

If you run two activations for the same campaign (photo, video), you need to set up two separate galleries:
– Video
– Photo

In each gallery, you need to change the settings depending on the event you wish to run.
Gallery A – Video
Gallery B – Photo

Dimensions for Video:

Video width: 620
Video height: 620
Video length: 10

After you have your settings ready, you need to make sure to assign different Device Keys to each gallery, click here to see how to add Device Keys.


Event Kind: GIF

If you are running GIF activation please contact customer service to assign your rights to use this feature.


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Updated on June 19, 2018

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