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Collecting Customer Data

Collect data like never before.
Imagine taking branded photos, videos, and GIF’s then delivering them instantly while collecting all of the user’s data.  Build your database of real fans, use their information for marketing purposes and reward fans for being loyal.

Some campaigns require that more additional information is collected from the consumer at the time of photo capture, beyond just an email address.

Snappie system allows you to capture data in many options, such as:
– Text
– Choice yes/no
– Numbers
– Multiple answers.

The best part of the Snappie back end system is that you can set up customised data capture,  click here to see the video. Snappie allows you to customise terms and conditions
, click here to see how to add T&C’s.



Examples Of Customized Data Capture:

You can easily customize Data Capture in Snappie back end, see how here.



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Updated on June 20, 2018

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