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Create New Campaign

Video Instruction – How To Create New Campaign:



1.Create Your Campaign Name:

This is the name under which your campaign will appear in the back-end. For best results, keep this name simple and short.



2. Insert Campaign URL:

This is the URL that will be used to access the gallery where all photos, videos & GIFs will be uploaded. Make sure to keep this URL short and relevant to your activation. Don’t worry, your URL name can be changed at any time.
Click here to see examples of gallery pages.



When you create your main event, you will have an option to create a gallery. This gallery is embedded within your main event, which you can set it up to have multiple numbers of galleries if needed.

If you have multiple activation days, make sure to name them by date or location. For example, (day 1, day 2, day 3 or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or London, Paris, NYC)
If you’re planning to use photos and videos at one event make sure to name your gallery; (Day 1/ Photo, Day 2 / Videos).



4. Insert Event Starting Time And Time Zone:

It is very important to insert the correct starting time of the activation due to our report algorithm.



Well done!!!  You have just created your first campiagn!

Now next steps:

1. Add branded overlays, click here 

2. Customize email & SMS , click here 

3. Pre-fill Facebook & Twitter messages, click here 


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Updated on June 19, 2018

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