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Customize Email And SMS To Users

Video Instruction:

You can customize the email and SMS by following these instructions:


The fan/guest receives a link to their branded snap by email or text message. From there they can read the brand message and share their snap instantly to social media channels.

Parts of email that can be customized in Snappie back end:

– Background colour
– Logo
– Email text
– Email title
– Email sender

Parts of SMS that can be customized in Snappie back end:

– Sender name
– Country prefix
– Text (no special characters)

Customize Email:

Email Preview:

Any changes done in the email or SMS section are visible in the real view on the right-hand side.

Sender Name:

In this section, you can customize the sender name (name of the sponsor or event).
Max 50 characters.

Email Subject:

In this section, you can enter an email subject or event headline. Max 50 characters.

In this section, you can add your logo of the event or the sponsor logo. Please note that the logo must be in the format of a jpg or png file.

Click Choose File, select the logo from your computer and upload.
Changes will automatically be visible on the email preview screen.

Email Text:

Under this section, you can customize your email text. There is no limit to the length of the email, but it is recommended to keep it short and to the point.

Email Background:

Under this section, you can change the background of your email. Click on this section and choose the relevant colour.

Terms & Condition Description:

Under this section, you can change the description of Terms & Conditions according to the sponsor’s request.

Customize Terms & Conditions:

Under this section, you can add any custom Terms & Conditions. You need to insert URL to the designated Terms & Conditions and save this action.
Each campaign has default SnappieTerms & Conditions: snapp.ie/tc.html

Customize SMS:

Choose Country Code

Under this section, you need to choose the country prefix for the SMS to be delivered to the user. Marking your country prefix will allow you to collect users data without entering the prefix in the data capture form.

Example: If you choose the United Kingdom (prefix 0044)  your promo staff collect phone numbers beginning with 789 67468…or 0789 67468. If you don’t set up the country prefix in the back-end, the text message will only be sent if the whole number including prefix is entered 004478967468.

SMS Sender:

This section allows you to decide who the SMS is sent from.
Make sure to include the sponsor or event title. The maximum 11 characters to be used.

SMS Text:

This is the section where you type your SMS text. The most important part in this section is to keep the link {{url}} in the text of the SMS. If you remove {{url}}, the text message will be delivered without a link to the photo, video or GIF. Maximum characters you can use is 480.

*Please note that SMS doesn’t allow use of special characters.


Each action you take needs to be saved at the end.

Output for Email & SMS:

Final output:

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Updated on February 20, 2020

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