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Designing Your Gallery And Single Photo Page

The mini gallery page is the page where all images from your event are uploaded and visible to the public. You have an option in the Snappie back end to make this gallery private.
Each mini gallery page has a unique URL that can be set up in the Snappie back end, which can be used to promote your event.

Unlimited amount of photos/data can be saved with or without Internet connection. The only limitation is your tablet’s memory because all photos will be saved in the gallery. However, the photos are of relatively small size – around 1.2MB each, so the tablets will be able to save thousands of images.

The number of photos that will fit on a page depends on the resolution of the screen where you will be looking at them.

Examples of Mini Gallery Sides:

Single Photo Page

The single photo page is where fans receive with their photo. This page can be customized with a background image or solid colour. From this page, the user can share their photo to multiple social media channels: Facebook, Twitter or download the image to upload to Instagram. You can easily set up sharing methods in the Snappie back end. Resolutions of images on single pages (the one visited by users when they receive a link) are around 800pxx800px which is optimized for quick social media sharing.

Click here to see how to set up sharing methods.

In addition to sending photos directly to any iOS or Android device by email or text message, you can also download the entire gallery to a PC or Mac computer.



Single gallery page with solid background:


Single gallery page with graphics as a background:


Graphic dimension:

– 1920 x 1080px
– png or jpeg file

Relevant topics:

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Updated on February 18, 2020

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