Sharing Methods

Our Snappie platform shares photos, videos and GIFs on social media platforms:
Twitter, WhatsApp, Messanger. Additionally, we offer Instagram to upload and download content directly to your phone.

Facebook Sharing

Snappie app share one posts on Facebook:
Short story –  with photo 
where YOU can pre-fill user messages.

Snappie app can’t pre-fill this message as it is against Facebook policy. However, by sharing two posts on Facebook, brands get organic results, click here to see reports example.

Twitter sharing

Snappie app would share only one photo on Twitter with pre filled messages:


Instagram Upload

We focus on Twitter and Facebook  because of possibilities those platforms give us to integrate seamlessly with their services. Instagram sharing is possible but through workaround due to Instagram platform limitations.
 Since Instagram doesn’t offer browser based API, which allows for direct posting to networks from mobile browsers, the following workaround is required:
  •  user chooses to share on Instagram
  •  high quality photo is downloaded to his device
  •  user saves snap in camera roll,
  •  user repost branded photo to Instagram In addition to sending photos directly to any iOS or Android device by email or text message, you can also download the entire gallery to a PC or Mac computer.

Sharing Your Snap More Personally:


Whatsapp Sharing

The user took a picture and only want it to be shared with their group of friends or family? It is now possible on the most used chatting social network, Whatsapp!


Facebook Messenger

The user took a funny or embarrassing picture and want to share it, but not with the whole world? We provide the opportunity to share in on messenger now!


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How to Pre-fill Social Media Messages 

Updated on January 16, 2019

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