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Take Branded Photos, Videos & Gifs

The Snappie App is not limited to photos. You can also capture branded videos & GIF’s at your event and give your guests the chance to share them instantly on their social media channels.

1. Capture Branded Photos

You can take thousands of branded photos with the use of Snappie app; the sky is the limit. All photos land on the customized mini gallery page, which you can embed or promote on social media channels:



2. Capture Branded Videos

The Snappie App is designed for capturing short videos with your branded overlay, which are optimized for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. A video needs to be at least five seconds long and usually can not last longer than 10 seconds to ensure it’s perfect usability on social media. The videos captured with the Snappie App are saved as MP4 files.

3. Capture Branded Gif’s

You can also easily capture GIF files with the Snappie App. There is no limitation on the length of the GIF, but please keep in mind that GIF files taken with Snappie are designed to be shared on social media by your guests and therefore shouldn’t be too long. The common length chosen for capturing GIF’s is five seconds.



You can easily create a video or GIF event in the Snappie CMS, click here to see how easy is to create an event.


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Updated on August 31, 2017

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